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Image gallery

Dirk Schulz recognizing that it is working.
Dirk Hähnel.
Work is still going on.
RHINO while giving a tour to Wolfram.
There is one small problem ...
[Wolfram on the phone] ... but right now everything is fine!
[ABC] Armin B. Cremers starting the internet night.
[Wolfram helmed, with Dieter and Sebastian] The tourguide project will be a great success - no doubt about it!?
[RHINO surrounded by a crowd of visitors] ... search for RHINO!
[RHINO surrounded by a crowd of visitors] The tourguide project is a great success - no doubt about it!
[RHINO is showing kids the Polarstern] [] RHINO is showing visitors the ice-breaker Forschungsschiff Polarstern
[RHINO/Gyromat] RHINO is showing the Gyromat. RHINO got a lot of attention in these days. Reports were published in TV and newspapers.
[] [] Kids starting a tour.
[] [] [] [] [] RHINO showing some exhibits.
[] [] RHINOs sensors can't record the sticked out console panel but with LOCALIZATION and the obstacle server an easy one vor RHINO even with people all around.
[Dieter and Peter] Team members rarely use words to communicate with each other.
Sebastian while reading Asterix] ... complex problems clear itself up while reading specialist literature.
Dirk, Sebastian and Dieter] RHINO's view when presenting the crew.
Sebastian playing Torero] Whatever you might think ... this _is_ a scientific experiment carried out by Sebastian.
[smiling Wolfram] Wolfram too can smile!
[Team] Another picture of the team including Gerhard.
[Wolfram videoing] [Sebastian videoing] Wolfram and even more Sebastian found their true profession in videoing the spectacular event.
[Sebastian and Dirk reading newspaper] Are there any reviews yet? Do we have a good press?
[the photographer] ... the calming influence behind the camera washing his hands of the matter.

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