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About this project

The "Deutsches Museum Bonn"(German Museum Bonn) is the first museum for contemporary technology in Germany. This year, the "Deutsches Museum Bonn" contributes for the first time to the "Museumsmeilenfest" of the city of Bonn. The "Museumsmeilenfest", which takes place May 29 to June 1, is a great cultural event, at which the major museums in Bonn offer special exhibitions and tours. It is surrounded by many cultural attractions in the city of Bonn.

Visitors of the "Deutsches Museum Bonn" will have the opportunity to be shown through the museum by a MOBILE ROBOT. During the "Museumsmeilenfest" visitors can directly participate in several tours, guided by the mobile robot "RHINO". RHINO will explain what the people see, and upon request provide in-depth information concerning individual exhibits.

[Picutre of Rhino]

The RHINO-project is a joint project between the "Institut für Informatik III" of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and the Carnegie Mellon University (USA). The central scientific goal of the RHINO project is the analysis and synthesis of computer software that can learn from experience. The team believes that an essential aspect of future computer software will be the ability to flexibly adapt to changes, without human intervention. The ability to learn will soon enable robots like RHINO to perform complex tasks, such as transportation and delivery, tours through buildings, cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

While giving tours in the Deutsches Museum, RHINO can be observed and even tele-operated through the Internet. RHINO will make available on-line camera images recorded in the museum.

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