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A Guide to the Internet Tourguide Interface

This site allows you to monitor and tele-operate the mobile robot RHINO while giving tours through the "Deutsches Museum Bonn". The Tourguide is on-line from May 29 - June 1 and July 1 - July 2. The following pages are available:

Schedule of events.

Inspect this document to find out when RHINO will be on-line. In the internet control mode you can even tele-operate RHINO in the Museum.

Where am I?

This page presents an outline of that part of the "Deutsches Museum Bonn" where RHINO works as a tourguide. A small yellow circle indicates RHINO's current position in this environment. It also contains a link to our Java applet page which provides frequent updates of the robot's position resulting in smooth movements.

Live pictures from the museum.

If you follow this link, you will get a new window containing live images out of the museum. There are two frames: While the first image is a birds eye's view of the museum (we use two cameras and automatically switch to the camera focussing RHINO), The second image is RHINO's view coming from its head mounted stereo camera system. Both frames are updated every 15 seconds. However, you can adjust the frame rate to increase or even decrease the update interval.

The exhibition.

There are a total of 12 exhibits RHINO explains to the visitors. This page contains a click-able map of the museum. After clicking on the number of an exhibit you get detailed information about it. This page also contains a list of the exhibits pointing to corresponding pages in German.

Tell me where to go.

This link opens a new window containing a click-able map of the museum. Whenever RHINO is in its internet control mode, you can tell RHINO to go to an exhibit simply by clicking on its number in the map. Below this map there is a selection box where you can choose several exhibits at once. If you enter your name or your e-mail address you can monitor that your request has been scheduled.

How I do my job.

This page explains some of the techniques RHINO applies to do his job and gives references to papers.

How I get to know my environment.

While moving through the museum RHINO learns a map of the environment using its sensors. On this page we show what RHINO knows about its environment. The map is updated frequently, so that you can monitor RHINO's map-builder in progress.

About this project.

This page contains information about this project and gives references to the partners.

Your comments.

This link leads you to our guest book. Feel free to add your comments.

My creators ...

Would you like to know, who realized this application? This page contains an image of RHINO's museum team.

... and me.


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