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Exhibits RHINO can visit for you

This is an outline of RHINO's environment. The clickable numbers mark the exhibits RHINO can show you.

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1.HM1 kidney-stone disintegrator 1.Nierensteinzertrümmerer HM1
2.Satellite BREM-SAT 2.Satellit BREM-SAT
3.Satellite ERS-1 3.Satellit ERS-1
4.Materials testing lab on the D2 mission 4.Werkstofflabor der D2-Mission
5.Airbus rudder 5.Seitenleitwerk des Airbus 320
6.Zeolite A 6.Zeolit A
7.CFC-free refrigerator 7.F(C)KW-freier Kühlschrank
8.Free-fall tower and capsule 8.Fallturm und Fallkapsel
9.Icebreaker FS Polarstern 9.Eisbrecher FS Polarstern
10.Gyromat surveying instrument 10.Vermessungskreisel Gyromat
11.WENDELSTEIN 7-AS stellarator experiment 11.WENDELSTEIN 7-AS
12.Solar House 12.Energieautarkes Solarhaus

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